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Group Classes

Most of our classes are group classes and we emphasize a family culture at our gym. 



Athletes with a Monthly  Membership are entitled to privates:

Athletic Conditioning (Price Varies Per Instructor) $75+/session 

Muay Thai/BJJ/etc. (Price Varies Per Instructor) $85+/session

see our pricing pdf for more details.


Nutrition & Assessments

Athletes training at our facility have access to Albert Salopek, our sports medicine certified athletic trainer who has worked with UFC athletes as well as the Raiders football team. Members also have access to Dr. Peter Goldman who specializes in Chiropractic healing (Rates may vary for both) 

KIDS Classes

We pride ourselves in our kid classes in teaching the youth discipline and hard work. We also instill the: you can achieve anything through practice and repition mindset. Which is good for development at an early age. 

Yelp Reviews

El Niño is exactly what I expected. I just moved from another type of martial arts and so focused on the Muay Thai classes and after a couple months I found myself really looking forward for the next class. The instructors that I had so far were good at giving me feedback and correcting me and I already saw all those movements being more natural even if I had to reprogram my brain….”

Nicolas B.

“I’ve been coming here for over two years to train jiu jitsu. The environment, instructors and people are top notch. People come here to train seriously and get better and you see it in the fights and tournament results. The gym is tough but also welcoming to newcomers. I used to live around the corner but now I come from across the city. It’s worth it because I’ve got great partners and coaches A+ would sign up again.”


Andrew P.



El Nino Training Center

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Saturday: 10:00AM-2:00PM

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